Original bathroom mirror wall light with opal lampshade AP404-TLP05


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Original bathroom mirror wall lamp with straight opal lampshade with two arms in half a circle. Navy blue finish (51). Approximate measurements with lampshade: Width 32cm, height 29cm, depth 21cm.

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Original bathroom mirror wall light with opal lampshade

Original bathroom mirror wall lamp with straight opal lampshade with two arms in half a circle. It is not only about the lighting, but also the decoration it brings to the room. Elegant, rustic, vintage, in the end, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your decision. Navy blue finish (51). Approximate measurements with lampshade: Width 32cm, height 29cm, depth 21cm.

Made in the shape of a heart, they give a romantic touch to this family of products. It combines a clear design with organic shapes and intelligent solutions full of details that satisfy the most diverse tastes and needs. The novelty of this type of original bathtub accessories is that although they look old, today they are made of new materials that provide you with the comfort and quality of the most modern technology.

When considering a bathroom decoration project, the small details, such as the correct choice of original bathroom accessories, which, as we already know, are a fundamental part of every room. We also find original accessories as a more affordable alternative that is easier to install.

Opal lampshade, designed with straight and round lines with very original opal glass. The antique accessories are of original and elegant classic appearance of excellent quality. Ideal for conquering bathrooms set in the 70s. Opal glass lampshade, smooth round design, 15×12 cm, TLP05


Finishes are given by hand, we refer to the final color of the product. In all products it is possible to choose their finish. We currently have eight different finishes and two additional lacquered ones.

It is free to choose any finish, it does not change the final price of the product. Black (00), aged gold (01), aged copper (02), oxide black (03), brown tone, oxide green (04), oxide blue (05), aged silver (06), aged white (07). Lacquered (51) navy blue, (60) burgundy.

Most of the colors are a treatment (mixture of paints with an application process in which part is applied by hand) and some are spray lacquered, all oven dried.

The process would be as follows, they have an initial layer by immersion in liquid paint and a layer of black lacquered by spray gun and then dried in an oven. Subsequently, the desired tone paint is applied, applied with a brush by hand, and then two coats of colorless lacquer are applied.


Wall light installation

Apply wall with everything necessary for installation. Plastic plugs, screws and keys with the appropriate measurements. These have been previously tested in our factory. No adhesives of any kind are supplied, they may vary depending on the surface.

Installation is simple, similar to any type of luminaire. Installation steps: First, for safety, disconnect the light from the electrical panel. Make the holes you need, where the applique will be placed.

Then place the plate that holds the applique. Cables: You can find three cables in the previous installation. All three are important, two essential for current (brown phase and blue neutral), and one for protection, the ground (yellow green). Types of cables and color: Join the brown cables, which are phase, then the blue cables, which are neutral, and finally, the yellow/green cables, which are ground, to the connection of the wall light.

These cables are joined together using a cable connection strip. Then collect the cables and screw the plate with the appliqué trim and that's it. Turn on the power and check that it works well. All our wall lights are checked, both the operation of the Lamp and the ground protection.

To carry out the installation of the wall light you will need the following tools: A drill to make the holes and the 5 mm drill bit equal to the numbering of the plug and a star screwdriver. For the power strip you will need a small, narrow flat screwdriver.

Electrical protection apply

Rustic wall light are protected against indirect contacts. They have a ground connection to protect derivations. It is advisable to use LED lamps of the power and color that best suits your use. The lamp holder is type E-27 (large) or E-14 (small). Protection index IP20 (Indoor use). Voltage 110-240V 50/60Hz. Use LED bulbs, power and color to choose. Ground connection included.




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Weight 4kg
Dimensions 30 × 32 × 21cm

Black (00), Old gold (01), Antique copper (02), Rust (03), Rust green (04), Rust blue (05), Antique silver (06), Antique white (07), Navy blue (51 )


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Original bathroom mirror wall light with opal lampshade AP404-TLP05Original bathroom mirror wall light with opal lampshade AP404-TLP05
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