Appliques Lamps

Discover our Lamp Appliques for a rustic bathroom decoration. Everyone has their own taste and at Artehierro we offer you the possibility of completely customizing your decoration items so that they adapt to your personality and style. In this category you will find very original vintage-style lamps and sconces, which will allow you to decorate the bathroom in your home or hotel in an exclusive and very personal way.

Wall Lamps: elegance and warmth

Wall lights are an essential element in any bathroom that wants to guarantee good and adequate lighting during use. The wall lights not only serve to offer adequate lighting, but are also ideal elements to create an atmosphere. Cozy, romantic and warm in any bathroom, especially when looking to give a rustic touch to the bathroom.

Wall Sconces offer a perfect balance between cold finishes and warm finishes. Many light fixtures help create a much more beautiful and well-kept space. To create creative environments you have to be very careful when choosing the light fixture for your rustic style bathroom.

Wall sconces, a breath of fresh air

Wall lights, light fixtures, are capable of increasing the beauty of any bathroom, regardless of the size of the bathroom. On the other hand, it should be noted that rustic-style light fixtures for bathrooms provide each space with a good dose of elegance, style and creativity.

Whether to illuminate the bathroom in general or to shed light on a mirror, light fixtures are the perfect elements. They create a space where a warm and pleasant atmosphere . There is no doubt that the wall lamps that can be found today have become the perfect substitute for traditional lamps or the unsightly wall lamps that were used in the past.

In addition, they are decorative elements that are increasingly appreciated for their unique style and the manufacturing materials used. Nowadays, lamps are much more than mere elements to shed light on a specific space. Light fixtures for bathrooms have become a decorative element. An indispensable element for its functionality, practicality, design, style and elegance.

Applique lamps

This lighting accessory is increasingly used by those who care about the decoration of their bathroom, and their home in general. They offer great versatility and provide numerous possibilities inside different environments. The wall lights become a perfect complement to the main light in any bathroom.

Wall sconces are ideal for adding more light to any bathroom. They are also used to reduce it if you do not want to have as much light. There are many occasions in which we seek to enjoy less intense light.

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