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  • Antique small sink 50 cm MCG503203
    Rustic Bathroom Furniture

    Antique small sink 50 cm MCG503203

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  • Small wrought iron sink 50 cm MCG503224
    Rustic Bathroom Furniture

    Small wrought iron sink 50 cm MCG503224

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  • Small design sink 50 cm MCG503244
    Rustic Bathroom Furniture

    Small design sink 50 cm MCG503244

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  • Small industrial sink 50 cm MCG503200
    Rustic Bathroom Furniture

    Small industrial sink 50 cm MCG503200

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Good reception of the product that is even more beautiful than in the photo. When we install it, we will send you a photo (as I had already mentioned, we are going to take it to France).


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Wrought iron furniture and accessories to decorate Rustic Bathrooms

Are you looking for a different bathroom decoration? We invite you to discover our furniture and accessories for rustic bathrooms from Artehierro. In our wrought iron bathroom accessories store you can choose and customize the colors, ceramics and manufacturing materials or measurements of our items. We are manufacturers and this allows us enormous flexibility to customize the items and adapt them to your needs. Our delivery time is approximately 10 days. For wholesale purchases, check our factory availability by requesting a personalized quote.

Our extensive catalog of accessories for rustic bathrooms with more than 1,000 references is manufactured by hand, we offer all types of designs and shades to adapt to the style of your bathroom. The decoration items that you will find in our online store combine perfectly with colonial-style bathrooms and spaces where wood is used in the structure, exposed stone on the walls or iron. Our factory is located in Cádiz but we ship products throughout Spain and the rest of Europe in more than 7 countries.

As a manufacturer of bathroom accessories we offer you a five-year warranty on all our products. You can also return any of the products purchased within the next 15 business days after receiving the order if you are not satisfied. We have been manufacturing these decorative items for more than 20 years, experience that allows us to offer a product of the best quality and design with a very competitive price. We have items made of wrought iron, robust and very durable for decoration.

During our long history we have equipped and decorated complete bathrooms in multiple hotels, rural houses and apartments, as well as homes that are looking for a vintage decoration that is an alternative to the most common styles. Let our team of experts advise your new decoration, it will be a pleasure to assist you and give you a new vintage style to your bathroom with our products.

The warm decoration of rustic bathrooms is here to stay

Rustic bathroom decoration has become a trend in recent years, due to its warm style and easy fusion with other similar styles such as vintage and shabby chic, which make it even more interesting.

Although there is a long list of ways and means to decorate your bathroom, decorative details and accessories for rustic bathrooms currently set the trend in this area.  

When you want a rustic bathroom at home it is because you are looking, in some way, for a relaxing space that allows you to feel closer to nature, so that when you open the door and see, you feel that you are immersed in a little piece of private forest that you will have. always at your disposal, unless someone else is occupying it at the moment, of course.

Where to start to have a rustic bathroom?

Pay attention, to achieve the transformation of the environment from your ordinary bathroom to a rustic style is really very easy. First, there are two fundamental elements that must be present in the decoration: natural stone and wood.

Both are essential to achieve a warm space, together they will be like the background that will serve to start your decoration. 

Once you have the canvas ready, the most entertaining part comes, start adding the accessories that will give life to your dressing table, which could well be: wrought iron wall lamps, wooden bathroom furniture, rustic decorated bathroom mirrors, antique sinks , towel racks, coat racks, toilet brush holders and all types of rustic annexes that give it the desired shape.

Another important aspect is lighting, especially in this type of decoration where the light needs to cover the entire space without leaving any corner in the dark and thus create a visual effect of spaciousness. A good entry of natural light is essential to strengthen the decoration of rustic bathrooms.

Also, the colors to use play a determining role and, although the bulk of rustic decorations tend to be dark tones, these could vary to lighter colors in the case of bathrooms with small spaces.

Rustic decoration for small bathrooms

It has been said that to achieve a rustic style, large spaces are needed, considering the dark colors and the size of the furniture typical of the style in this type of decoration.

However, remember that there are multiple options in terms of accessories for rustic bathrooms; for small spaces, you will need smaller objects with brighter colors so as not to saturate your bathroom and thus achieve a spacious effect.

So do not despair due to the lack of meters, by applying these simple tips you will be able to get the most out of the decoration of your rustic bathroom.

The trend is here and now, although previously, when talking about rustic decoration it was seen as something inelegant and inferior. But, times change and ideas evolve, now, the rustic style is inspiring, it welcomes those who arrive and misses those who leave, due to its homely and warm character and which intensifies when talking about rustic bathroom decoration, an atmosphere perfect that will make you dream.

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