Small wrought iron bathroom cabinet 50 cm ML503224


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Small wrought iron bathroom cabinet with iron support measuring 50 x 80 cm, consisting of a floor support and an intermediate grill. White wall-mounted porcelain sink 50 x 32 cm, Roca brand, Dama collection.

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Small wrought iron bathroom cabinet

Small wrought iron bathroom furniture : A great option to consider are furniture that allows you to direct the light wherever you want. thus creating surprising effects. It's not just about the decoration, but also the decoration it brings to the room. Elegant, rustic, vintage, in the end, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your decision.

This series of rustic bathroom accessories are classic in style, designed for retro bathroom environments, where there is more of a vintage, pop art or classic trend. Nowadays rustic accessories do not have to be only wood-colored, they are their natural color, regardless of the type of material they are made of.

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  • Small wrought iron bathroom furniture, made in wrought iron style, Artehierro design, it is made of iron. Made with red-hot carved plate, it is solid, all its elements are fixed, it is a different and very elegant design and with a spectacular engraving. Composed of floor support and intermediate grill. This series of rustic-style furniture and wall lights are made of classic wrought iron, designed for retro-style bathroom environments, where there is more of a tendency towards vintage, pop art or classic.

    Rustic style wrought iron accessories are distinguished by their excellent value for money and the uncompromising quality that is synonymous with Artehierro. There are many rustic style accessories for the home of a very diverse variety that we can place in practically every home.

    Nowadays, rustic style furniture does not have to be only wood-colored; it is its natural color, regardless of the type of material it is made of.

    Manufacturer of small wrought iron bathroom furniture

    Small white porcelain wrought iron bathroom cabinet with reduced depth 50 x 32 cm, Roca brand, Dama collection, REF: A327788000. Wall installation and independent of the support. Sink available at any distributor, we manufacture the support, you have the option of ordering without a sink. Matching painted drain, only supplied with the basin holder. Faucet not included, available in areas specialized in bathroom supplies. Drills for standard faucets.


    Finishes are given by hand, we refer to the final color of the product. In all products it is possible to choose their finish. We currently have eight different finishes and two additional lacquered ones.

    It is free to choose any finish, it does not change the final price of the product. Black (00), aged gold (01), aged copper (02), oxide black (03), brown tone, oxide green (04), oxide blue (05), aged silver (06), aged white (07). Lacquered (51) navy blue, (60) burgundy.

    Most of the colors are a treatment (mixture of paints with an application process in which part is applied by hand) and some are spray lacquered, all oven dried.

    The process would be as follows, they have an initial layer by immersion in liquid paint and a layer of black lacquered by spray gun and then dried in an oven. Subsequently, the desired tone paint is applied, applied with a brush by hand, and then two coats of colorless lacquer are applied.

    MB Installation

    Sink with everything necessary for installation. Plastic plugs, screws and keys with the appropriate measurements. These have been previously tested in our factory. No adhesives of any kind are supplied, they may vary depending on the surface. The package contains the following list of parts: Sink support of the requested size with five pieces of iron and assembly instructions. Sink of the requested size. Drain painted to match the support, with all the nuts and rubber gaskets for installation, as well as a black rubber plug. Screws for sink (special screws with 10 mm studs) and support (extra long screws with 6 mm studs).

    Installation is simple, similar to any wall-mounted furniture. Installation steps: First, unpack all the elements, assemble the furniture following the assembly instructions. Then attach the sink to the wall to the appropriate size with its screws and silicone. Once installed, place the support under the sink with its screws. At this moment we can install the drain and the taps. The cap with chain is supplied to fill the sink. To carry out the installation of the furniture to the wall you will need the following tools: A drill to make the holes and the 6 and 10 mm drill bit equal to the numbering of the plug and a star screwdriver. For the sink you will need a fixed key of the appropriate number, white or translucent silicone.



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    Weight 27kg
    Dimensions 85×50×32cm

    Black (00), Old gold (01), Aged copper (02), Oxide (03), Oxide green (04), Oxide blue (05), Aged silver (06), Aged white (07)


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    Small wrought iron bathroom cabinet 50 cm ML503224Small wrought iron bathroom cabinet 50 cm ML503224
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